Saturday, March 17, 2012

Pictures of the House

This isn't going to be a very elaborate or detailed post. I just know that some people have been wanting me to post pictures of our house. It is coming along pretty quickly! Can't wait for May!

Our house quickly went from this.....

to this.....

and now to this!

I love my red craftsman door. One of my favorite aspects of the house!


Standing in the study right by the entry

Standing in the living room, taking a picture of the kitchen

stair case (our island isn't staying there, it is going in the middle of our kitchen)

Kitchen-got the idea to paint the hood and the island a darker color from a designer friend, Thanks Beth! :)

Another favorite thing about our house, the farmhouse sink!

Standing in the kitchen, taking a picture of our living room

Door to the garage, nice little cabinets to set out keys, shoes, etc. on

Laundry room right off the garage

Wooden beams :) (in the living room)

Fireplace, yes I got the idea off of pinterest

Backside of the house, can't wait to play out in our yard!

or sit under the breezy porch

Master bedroom

Master bath

Staircase that leads to our other bedrooms that I did not get pictures of. Sorry guys!

Love and Marriage

Two weekends ago I had the privilege to be in my best friend from high school's wedding. She was also a bridesmaid in my wedding. Long ago on my blog page, I had posted about my friend Carmen (click on her name to go to the blogpost) when she got engaged. They make such a sweet couple. I am a very proud friend! Daniel just got into med school, and Carmen just got into PA school. I can't wait to continue to see how the Lord will bless them, He definitely already has! Congrats Daniel and Carmen! I love ya'll! Here are a few pictures that I snapped with my camera on their special day:

The bride and I at the rehearsal dinner

Right before the wedding started!

She looked absolutely stunning!

High school crew back together again! Racheal (blue jacket) will be the bride come July!

Mr. and Mrs. Meeker!

Teal, me, and Caleigh having fun with the vintage photobooth props!