Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Changes Come Around Real Soon Make Us Women and Men...

Yes. I just used John Mellencamp's song lyrics as the title of this blog entry, but it just seemed to fit so well. Many changes have happened since my last blog post, and I could probably go on and on for pages just to fill you in. (Don't worry, I will only give you the short story version of everything.) Where do I start?...hmm.

Well, on my last post I left off by saying that we were both interviewing in two different places. Before we graduated, Levi got a job offer from J.B. Hunt in Northwest Arkansas and we were so excited! We had discussed earlier that we would probably go wherever Levi got a job and I could find somewhere around there to work. I snapped this picture of him right before his interview. He looks pretty nervous doesn't he? I knew he would do great though!

After that, we had three graduations to go to for three saturdays IN A ROW! Have you ever been to a med school graduation? (miserable)
We had Tucker's graduation, Levi's, and then mine.

And as you can see, I was brave an chopped my hair off!

Tucker trying to ruin our photo op on the beach. That's what little brothers are for, right?

One of my favorite parts of Seaside. The cute post office of course!

This is our future beach house someday.....

...well it may be more like this. :)

The seaside outdoor amphitheater. I can't wait to bring my future family here someday!

In between graduation, we got to take a little vacay with my family to Florida for a week. It was a lot of fun, but it seems like it was forever ago now!

On our way back from vacation, we had a few minor difficulties having to do with our apartment lease..yada yada yada...and to top it off the suburban broke down in Mississippi and we were there for about 5 and a half hours! This is the short documentary:

Luckily, we were near an exit ramp when the car died and we rolled down a hill and into an auto zone!

The next morning we got the u-haul and all of our boxes together and moved to NWA! Pictured above were my mover men. 

Now this brings us up to speed to where we are now. We are all settled into our apartment. Levi has started his training, and I am currently looking for a dental hygiene job. (I may have a prayers are much appreciated.) I like it up here a lot, but once I get to know people and have an established career I think I will absolutely LOVE it. Right now I have to keep myself occupied with crafts, and fixing our place up because I could count on one hand the people I know up here. I should be updating my blog more frequently so I can fill you in with a little more detail. Since I don't have a job right now, I am always caught up on laundry, the apartment is spotless, I have dinner fixed every I make a good housewife. Haha! I hope to blog you all again soon!

Have a blessed day
Lexie D.