Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Wow, I am such a slacker at this blog thing. Not like anyone reads this thing anyway, right? I just see it as my own personal journal. HA! Well, in case anyone out there is interested here is a recap of my summer in photos.

I knew Arkansas was beautiful, but I didn't know how beautiful it was until we
took the drive to Jasper, Ar. You should do it sometime and canoe down the
Buffalo River!

My niece, Ansley

Beautiful scenery on the way to Jasper, even passed by little ponds with
ducks being followed by their babies and got to see the elk grazing in the
fields.  I should've stopped to snap a picture

One of the most beautiful views of Arkansas

Went to Florida. As you can tell there are benefits to your mother being a

I just love my hubby :)