Sunday, August 11, 2013

A Weekend in Nashvegas!

We had to get a picture with the famous bridge from the show, Nashville

We went to Nashville for Sarah Grace's birthday. It was a blast! She planned everything out, and she did a great job! Sarah, you are now official the "planner" when we go on trips. It was so much fun!

It being my first time to Nashville and all, I was very impressed! It's such a young, fun town with so much to do. It feels like a big city, but you still know you are in the south and that's what I love about it!

When we first got there, we went to Downtown Franklin and did some shopping there (while keep our eyes glued for any celebrity sitings!) No Nicole Kidman or Keith Urban sitings this time :( If you are ever shopping here, you need to check out a cute boutique called, Philanthropy. A percentage of their proceeds go to several different charities!

We had to stop at Meridee's Breadbasket for a sweet treat before shopping!
Fun sites to see
What a fun downtown area with beautiful storefronts
After we did some shopping, we headed on over to Arrington Vineyards. It is Kix Brooks' vineyard from the country band, Brooks and Dunn. It was beautiful, and would be a awesome place for a date. You can picnic on the side of a hill overlooking the beautiful vineyards, while listening to live music playing. It was such a relaxing place! 

Beautiful! The weather was perfect!


Oh, you know, just hiding out in a vineyard!

The next morning we ate at, Puckett's Grocery, for breakfast. I had a yummy omelet. They also have a breakfast buffet. I am not big on buffets, but they do it right here. We did more shopping, of course, and then went into Nashville. Sarah wanted to take us to this neat popsicle place that sells popsicles made with fresh fruit and they have all different types of flavors! I had pineapple kiwi and I could taste the fibers of the fruit in it. It tasted so fresh!
Check out Las Paletas Gourmet Popsicles!

Sarah's yummy birthday treat!

Eating at Demo's Restaurant in downtown Nashville before going out on the town!

We went out on Broadway where we heard many live country bands. What a fun atmosphere!

To wrap up our trip, we had to stop a the famous Pancake Pantry before we left town. Let me just was DELISH! As I was looking at the menu, I saw where the PANCAKE pantry was famous for their FRENCH TOAST. Going into it, I thought I would get pancakes. I ended up getting the french toast and I was not disappointed! Yummmmm.

One of the girls got the chocolate chip pancakes. And yes, that is a mound full of butter on the side that you are seeing.

Love you girls! This trip was so fun, ya'll are always a joy to be around. I wish we could go back soon!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Summer 2013 in Photographs

This summer was super busy, but oh so fun! This blogpost is just our summer in photographs. If i talked about everything we did, we would be here for a while so I thought I would save you some time!

{St. Louis Zoo}

{Cardinals game for Levi's birthday}

{Seagrove Beach}

{Seagrove Beach}

{Seagrove Beach}

{Elk River with our neighbor friends}


{First dance}

{2 weddings in one day}

{Levi was a groomsman in both}

{Honeyshine Band}
{Night out in Eureka Springs}

{2nd annual Hyde Park Firecrack 4th}

{Jasper, Arkansas}

{Florida Georgia Line and Dierks Bentley}

Court got married!

She was a stunning bride! Congrats Court!

A little relaxin' by the pool of course, when we weren't traveling

{Celebrated our 3rd anniversary}

{Dog days of Summer}

SG came to visit! So glad I got to spend a lot of time with this girl this summer

Took a trip to Nashville with some of the girls for Sarah's birthday. I will post pictures later on that. I am wanting to do a seperate blog post just for that because it was so fun!

{More to come, stay tuned ya'll!}

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Job Love

 I have never really posted or talked about my job on my blog. I figure that most of the time it is best not to put all details about your job out there for anyone to see, but I can do it because I have nothing but AWESOME things to say about my job!

For those who don't know, I am a registered dental hygienist and have been for about two years now. (By the way, wall street journal just released the article that contained the top 200 jobs to have and dental hygienist ranked up there as #6. Whoop! Whoop!)

My job is great for many reasons:

Very flexible. Great for working moms who want to work full time (which is typically only 4 days a week) or for the moms that want to only work a couple days. This will come in handy in the future. 

No Stress. You do not have to take work home with you, or even think about work when you get home.

Schooling. Not much schooling is required. The dental hygiene program itself is only two and a half years. I did college in three and a half years. Yeahhhhhh!

Now, enough about the job itself. I will say that I do not think I would be as happy about my job if I were not working at the place I am working at now.

My boss is awesome, and everyone (Fourteen girls. Yes...fourteen girls) gets along with one another. I can honestly say that I have learned more the past year in being at this dental practice than I have at other places I have worked. I learned a lot clinically, professionally, and lessons about life in general. I work with some awesome women that are great mentors to me as professionals and as wives and mothers. I am very blessed to be where I am today. 

Here are some pictures of us girls having some fun at some of our outings!
Shopping in Eureka Springs
At the Worman house at Big Cedar Lodge
Our Team!

Dr. Bryan prepping our meals at Big Cedar. She's the best!

Lovely Hygienists
Me and Jess
We had to have a silly picture of course!
Amazing gifts that Dr. Bryan wrapped so lovely for us

I am so blessed to have these ladies in my life!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Fletcher. A.K.A. Fletch

I haven't blogged in a while so I thought I would update on our newest addition to the Dixon household. Now some of you think...great! Here's another one of these crazy girls that is all about her dog..
Crazy, but not THAT crazy..
1. I vow to not over do it with the pictures...but he's the cutest puppy ever!
2. I vow to never dress him up in clothes
3. I vow to never put him in a "stroller", come on...I know you've seen them. Creepy!
4. I vow to never put a diaper on him. Gross.

He quite possibly is the cutest puppy I have ever seen in my whole life. He loves to give kisses and is full of life. I love watching his little stubb of a tail wag.

Can't wait to see Fletcher follow our future kiddos around someday!