Saturday, December 3, 2011

Blog post overdue

Okay, ya'll need to hold me accountable for keeping more up to date with my blog! I noticed it has been since July/August so I figured I should blog since it is a rainy, lazy Saturday at our house.

My niece, Ansley Rose Hunt, was born on October 2nd! I am very excited about being an Aunt because we get to play with her and spoil her, and we get to give her back when she's crying or needs changed (hehe). I've even thought about getting her one of those cheesy onesies about Aunts (yes, I guess I am that person). 
We know you do, Ansley!
I've only seen her a couple times, and the hubby has only seen her once. So she is coming to visit next weekend, along with her parents of course. Here are a few pics of the little one:

Supporting her hogs on game day!

I thought this little chenille bunny was cute, and got it for her before she was born.!

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