Monday, January 16, 2012

Christmas as an Adult

This was my first Christmas as an adult, at least in my eyes. Last year, we were still in school and had a month long break as opposed to this year where we only got TWO WHOLE DAYS off for Christmas. I am definitely going to have to get used to this. We could have taken off for longer, but seeing as we have only been at our jobs for about half a year, we decided not to. I told all of my patients that were off for college break, "enjoy it while you can!" In the short amount of time that we had, I feel that we got to see almost everyone that we needed to and were able to spend quite a bit of time with each of our families. 

Here are some pictures from our annual ornament auction:
Love and miss these two!

All the girls

We always have to have a silly picture

Annie and Caleb, they are expecting their second! Congrats!

Jeff, Dea, and their grandbaby, Naomi!

Morgan and Trace, the seniors, reading the Christmas story

Some of the boys

Each year, the seven families (who I talked about earlier in my blog) get together and usually eat dinner, desserts, and have a good time visiting. Each "kid" (there are seventeen of us) has an ornament, and we start by having the seniors that year reading the Christmas story from the Bible. Afterward, the youngest of the 17 kids opens the first ornament, and the bidding starts. Each kid gets to open an ornament, and after we are done bidding we put the money toward someone or something. It is usually something different each year. We really enjoyed getting to see everyone, and catch up! 

Before I go, I have to brag about one of my favorite Christmas gifts this year. I had been telling my grandmother that I always loved her Christmas village, and she gave it to me this year! It is 62 years old, and bought it her first year of marriage for 59 cents! My how things have changed! I LOVE vintage Christmas decorations!

Can't wait to put it up next year!          


  1. Hey can you believe I am going to be a Dandy again!!! I am getting so ahead of the other Momma's!!! LOL

    Love that your sweet Grandmother gave you the vintage village. Annie loves vintage Christmas too. Well, she likes vintage period.

    Loved seeing you at Christmas.

  2. I know! I can't believe it! Annie needs to get with it on her blog, I'm ready to see that house of hers!