Monday, March 21, 2011

I'm almost there!

Only two more days until I take my BIG test! I am taking a quick study break right now, and I am going to push on the rest of the night. Tomorrow is my "relax" day. I'm not going to study because what I don't know now, I won't know on Wednesday. After the test, I am going to Texas with my mom and Susan to a big antique show! I hope to find some things to put in our new home someday. I love taking old pieces of furniture and making them new again. They have some much more character and are more full of life than most furniture that is being made today. Each piece has a story behind it.....and I LOVE that! My friend's say I am an old soul at heart, and I am starting to believe them day by day! Ha! These are a few pictures of some pieces in our apartment right now that are old, and full of character! 
This is an old planter that I am using as a side table next to my chair. I plan on painting it someday.

I found this lamp at an antique mall in Searcy for only $5.00! The color blends really well with all of my colors, and I plan on doing something with the shade. It needs some kind of embellishment. It's just to "blah" for me.

This is my headboard made from an old door. I love the weathered look, and I love being able to see that the door handle is even still attached to it!

Oh, and P.S. can i say how READY I am to get out of our hamster-cage apartment!? No, but all kidding aside, it has been good for me and Levi for our first year of marriage. Even though we can't paint the walls, don't have much room, or can't change ANYTHING....we've had fun fixing it up and making it look like our home. We can't wait until we buy a home (with a yard and enough room to put a table in) and fix it up the way we like it! 

Have a blessed day!
Lexie D.


  1. Found your blog! Love it. Love the lamp. Don't let Annie see it. She will steal it! She stole an old cool lamp I bought for $15 and swears I gave it to her! I don't remember doing that! LOL

    Keep up your blog. I don't do well at updating mine. You can document your whole life because you are so young. I love that you are doing it!

    So proud of you.

  2. Thanks Mrs. Dea! I still have some tweaking to do. Sarah Grace helped me start mine. I just hope I can stick with it! I'm following your blog now too! We just need to get Annie to start one now! :) Love you!